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Try Catch Finally

A tale of corporate hell... and a Brutalist critique of everything that's wrong with 21st-century America.

With a massive layoff imminent at the "big old dinosaur" IT company he's depended on for 10 years, a Systems Analyst named Halleck lands his dream job at a tech startup. All he has to do is show up on Chainsaw Friday, get his layoff papers, and chill out until New Job Monday. But against all odds, his current employer doesn't lay him off, and the non-compete agreement he signed a decade ago prevents him from taking the startup job. Armed with an underused degree in systems theory and his Generation X Survival Skills, Hal has only a few hours to find and defeat the corporate supervillains who mercilessly spared him from the layoff he deserved, and to reclaim his humanity after a decade spent "selling out" to the nefarious algorithms of social media and the threats of punishment from the illiberal Left and the unconservative Right.

The first edition (also known as the Bullshit Edition) was published in 2018 and, thankfully, is now out of print.

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