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Legal / Disclaimers / Policies

I do not want my private information to be collected and sold; I hate this modern business practice, and I do not support it. Therefore I don’t collect any personal information through this website. However, I do provide an opt-in email list:

This is a low-traffic email list that notifies subscribers when I announce a new book release and/or author event. Each email contains information about the book, links to product pages on bookseller sites (some of which may be affiliate links that pay me a commission for qualifying purchases), links to reviews or review sites, and links to giveaways or promotional credits related to my books. The list requires subscribers to manually opt-in and verify their email address. The only required field is your email address, though you may optionally provide your name as well.

None of this information will be shared with third parties except, potentially, as may be required to deliver the opt-in service. For instance, you would be required to sign into Audible to claim a free audiobook promo code. If, in the future, I offer some kind of order fulfillment process (such as directly selling print books, CDs, or merchandise), it will require a separate opt-in with a different privacy policy.

You can opt-out by following the instructions provided at the bottom of each email. Alternatively, you can use this unsubscribe link:

This list is managed professionally through Mailchimp, which is where your information is stored. Mailchimp is not authorized to use your information for any other purpose. You can view Mailchimp’s privacy policy here: If you suspect that Mailchimp has misused or shared the email address and/or name you provided for my list, let me know immediately: JM at jemmatzan dot com.