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Ghostwriting Services

I can help you get your book or article written and published. Everyone wants to write a book, but it takes a lot more time, experience, and discipline to write and publish a book than most people anticipate. Don't suffer through this process alone; hire an expert with more than a million words of professional writing experience.

My website has a lot of detail on my fiction projects and my personal writing style, but in reality most of the professional work I do is non-fiction ghostwriting for people who don't have the time or literary experience to manage a book project. It's not that they aren't "smart" or can't write coherently; most of my clients are excellent writers, but authoring books isn't what they do for a living. They're successful executives or entrepreneurs who bill out many times my rate, and they consider it a smart choice to outsource the writing, editing, publishing, and audiobook production work to me. If you want your published content to reflect your best self, and your time is your most important resource, then you'll find tremendous value in hiring me to produce premium-quality literature that's styled to sound as much like you as possible. You get all the credit and the royalties.

Regardless of what you want me to produce, the process is much like other professional service engagements: we have an initial meeting to discuss your goals and the overall project scope. Then I come up with an outline, a deadline, an initial cost estimate, and a statement of work. If you want to work with your partners or collaborators, I'll do that. If you want to pitch a specific publisher, I'll create a well-researched book proposal specifically tailored for it. If you want to self-publish (which I encourage everyone to do in 2021 and beyond), then we'll discuss formats and printing options, and I'll find a great cover artist or designer. You'll review the manuscript at intervals to make sure we're continually in alignment, I'll ask you questions via email when I need to, and at the end of the month (or the project, if it's shorter than a month) I'll bill out for the work that's been completed.

Beyond the work I've done under my own name as a journalist and author, on a ghostwriting basis I've written magazine articles, blog posts, book proposals, guides, software documentation, entire non-fiction books, and individual chapters for non-fiction books. I've worked with all kinds of corporate publishers, and I've done several different kinds of self-publishing. I've also been hired to do technical reviews of pre-production manuscripts, and I've narrated and produced many high-quality audiobooks for other authors.

My rate for 2021 is $60 per hour, but it costs nothing to have an initial discussion with me about your project. Send me an email at author at jemmatzan dot com and tell me what you'd like to publish.